The Suicide Note

Please be aware the ‘suicide note’ is pictured within the post, be aware its contents can be upsetting at the time of reading.

Getting to the Hospital

I remember being in the back of the police car, asking question after question, how do you even know its Jamie, its not like hes an adult with a wallet and ID, hes a kid, in a uniform like hundreds of others?

The Police Call

The phone rang, I had just made a cup of tea and got back into bed, my legs were killing me. ‘Can you answer the door please?’ I thought that was odd as I was just stood by it and no one had knocked…’sure’.

Jamie Marshall

Jamie was 14 when he took his own life. He wasn’t depressed, he didn’t suffer from mental illness, he smiled everyday and had a plan for his whole life that he was looking forward to cracking on with…

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