Anne Marshall

I was born in Huddersfield, grew up all over the world and am now back where I started in Huddersfield, Yorkshire. I am 36 and I have been ill most of my life, starting with Crohns Disease, adding Lupus, mixing in a few issues with my liver, arthritis and the odd other bits that come under the broken immune system umbrella.

Eventually I became too ill I couldn’t work, this was when Jamie was about 3/4 years old. So we cracked on together me getting worse and him getting better at looking after me. When Jamie was seven an issue with the pill not absorbing into my system meant we had Willis join us, the three muskeeters. I loved our little family.

As I became sicker I had bowel removals, and had many issues, that we dealt with together, that made things not as fun as I would have wanted. I would have loved to have been out in the park with them of a weekend, going on holidays, joining in the games in the garden, but alot of my time was bed rest, hospital stays and watching from the window.

Eventually after stopping eating most of the tasty stuff, stopping drinking all the fun stuff, I had to quit smoking too…and if I’m honest I loved it…smoking not quitting! Because of my illnesses and issues I couldn’t have any of the patches, pills or gums to help so it was cold turkey…I had to find something to do with my hands…so in came knitting! So, I got on You Tube and learnt how to knit and forgot how to smoke…(is the simple version), but I quit smoking. Knitting is lovely but its slow, I like how the craft gave me focus away from the pain and fatigue and gave me something physical and beautiful too…so sewing was next.

My sister bought me a tiny pink sewing machine, I stitched a few of my mums tea towels together (it was christmas day and no one had fabric!!) and I was hooked…the machine was soon too basic so my first proper machine was the Janome Sewist 525, and I was in love! It gave me focus away from my illnesses, and I also learnt when I was on bed rest I could hand sew and that was me away…the link to my instagram is at the bottom of the page and other than being a mother, someone whos been dealt a bad hand health wise I’m a crafter, a sewist. I used to use sewing to take my mind away from my physical pain (with the meds), and I hope to be able to use it again too take it away from my mental pain, but for now its rare I can get on the machine as I can’t see through my tears and the guilt for getting on with life feels far too much right now…its one day at a time.

This is my first ever blog, so please be patient, and kind. I decided to write it as I found no one to relate to in my area and no where to go just to have someone else say, yup I felt like that too. I have a few Instagram friends now who are going through the loss of a child…but I wanted this to be more, to reach further and help more people through, and to help me. So I will be getting the posts up to date with past information and then hope to write like I was in my diary, keeping a note on whats happening, how I’m feeling and life in general. I hope this helps someone, and me.

Love Anne

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