Updating the blog…

This past year has been so difficult for so many reasons, so the blog had to be put on hold.
I just wanted to make a little post for anyone following, new or old, I will soon be updating, whats happening with Jamies STILL ONGOING criminal case, the complaint I have made against the police about the case, the appeals, the inquest, trying to raise awareness and not being heard, being trolled online, having Jamies tree trash and being harassed and threatened myself for simply showing that something we all can see is wrong isnt in our laws to defend us and it should be…and that’s what I hope to achieve.
But I need as much help as I can get, so for now until I can start a petition I would love for you to join me on the tiktok I opened, I go live on Thursday nights, I make update posts and I keep everyone up to date with what’s going on…if you can follow me their, tag as many people as you know, big creators or just people you think need to hear what I’m saying, I am as always @foreveramumoftwo so easy to find.
Thank you all for your patience, love and support, it means the world.
When. I am back on a laptop able to type up a post I will make sure the tiktok is linked, but for now, please come find me and help me shout about the wrongs of Jamies case and the laws and help so many others in the future and now.

Thank you, Anne, Jamie and Willis xxx


2 thoughts on “Updating the blog…

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  2. Following your journey on #JusticeforJamieMarshall on tiktok, and keep checking your blog for updates. I was on your live tonight (only seen you live for the first time tonight) and we chatted about “the slipper” and how different things were during our childhood. And I funnily enough asked about the blog on the live too!

    I get so sad thinking about everything you have had to go through because you seem like such a lovely person. My username on by the way is @Jodz0492 (just so you know who I am when I come in your lives and comment on your videos). It’s so tragic and I really truly hope that one day, we can all help you get a change made with the law so that you can get something positive out of the trauma you have been through. I know nothing woll bring Jamie back, BUT, he will be super super proud of everything you are doing in his name. And together, we can all keep Jamie’s memory alive. I’ve shared your blog with some many people to help spread awareness and to try and help you get a little more of a following on tiktok etc to help with the Justice for Jamie campaign.

    Keep doing what you do Anne, you truly are amazing and so strong it’s beyond belief! 💙 xx

  3. Anne I’ve read your story, I’ve only followed your page for just over a month and somehow wish I’d seen it sooner. Your story moves me and brings me to tears. I wish there were things we could do to take your pain away, but I know we can’t☹️ I hope you find love & support with your tt friends that can bring you some kind of comfort.and you get justice for your Jamie.
    Sending you all the strength in the world and love
    Hazel xx

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