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Helen had once again gone above and beyond, she had nominated us to the Huddersfield based charity Ruddis Retreat. Ali, Ruddis mum, had set up the charity using her cake shop in Linthwaite as well as many other fundraising ideas to buy caravans in the seaside holiday town of Filey she gives free holidays to families of children with illnesses for some respite for them all. She has built it up and has a number of caravans now, all because Ruddi was diagnosed with a rare cancer when he was 6 and a half months old and after a year of intensive treatment he went into remission. They were gifted a holiday when Ruddi was in remission and know exactly how much it means to families.

Please if you can, follow the link to get to Ruddis website and donate to them as they do their best to add to the three caravans they have worked so hard to get and adjust to the needs of the families that use them.

The first school holiday was the week of the 28th of October, and Ali contacted me to let me know that me and William could spend the week in one of the caravans, I was overwhelmed with their kindness…I had never in fourteen years of having children had the money to take them on holiday, so this was so special. And as we all lived in Filey for a few years we were looking forward to seeing old friends and places. Williams half brothers live in Driffield so we would get to see them too. We left when William was young so it was all new to him, which made it even better. We packed the car up and set off for Filey.

As William had grown up with my illnesses he knew my restrictions and would never moan if I couldn’t manage something because I felt ill. So the first day after the drive it was a chill out in the caravan night watching the telly. I had got him excited showing him the single rooms with their own telly’s and hoped this might be the start of him sleeping by himself again, but when it got to bedtime he couldn’t manage it, even with his favourite minecraft quilt I had made him some years before. So he was back in bed with me, if that’s what he needed I wasn’t going to ruin the holiday pushing him to sleep alone when he wasn’t ready.

On Tuesday we had Tara come and help me, she took William on the pedalos, something I definitely couldn’t have done, he absolutely loved it. Wednesday I booked him in for some segway fun…as I could just sit and watch from the sidelines. Then we spent the evening with some of my friends Dave and Kay. Kay was off work on the Thursday so offered to help with the plans, we went to Peasholme Park as Jamie’s favourite thing was going to feed the squirels and ride the miniature railway, so we had to do that, then we ended the day on Scarborough sea front eating fresh doughnuts…I was knackered. So on the way home I nipped to the shop and bought a few DVDs. Luckily I could blame the rain and Friday we stayed in and watched DVDs and drew Tara a massive Titanic. On Saturday we had a little trip to Filey and I drove William to all the places we would go when he was a baby, I took him to the top of the Brigg and he loved it. Unfortunately because I had done far too much my lupus had started to flare, this meant my joints were causing me massive pain and I began to get ulcers in my mouth and then a large one in my eye. We packed up and checked out on Sunday but with the pain in my legs and my vision being impaired by the ulcer pushing on the inside of my eye I drove to Taras and we stayed there.

William had the Monday off school as it was a teacher training day so I could rest in bed while Tara and his brothers entertained him.


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  1. Hello Anne, I can’t leave this page without saying something, I read this entire blog and the difficulty I had just reading this whilst my children are asleep in their beds, knowing they themselves have and are dealing with bullying issues, well I just admire you so, so much, I am deeply sorry that this happened, I lost my father to suicide, not so long ago, and can only begin to imagine the pain you and your family must be coping with is devastating, I cried and cried reading this, I hope you can all find strength in each other, I dont understand how other children can be so cruel, we deal with awful vile things in our house every school day. I hope you get justice, can I help? I live in calderdale. I don’t know how to even close this, other than to wish you the very best, and to say sleep well to your sweet, beautiful boy Jamie. X

    1. Thank you Emma, I may be calling on everyone for help if I am put in a position where I am trying to change the law so its not ok that this happened and could keep happening. I am sorry you lost your Dad, I hope you are getting help dealing with that x

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